Pico Projectors in Cell Phones

February 18, 2009

It appears that one company is prepared to make the next logical step for pico projectors, embedding pico projectors in cell-phones.

For a while now I’ve had a 3M MPro110 to fool around with. This projector that fits into the palm of your hand is a great idea for sharing content on the go. Users can share movies and videos using any display surface at a varying size. Additionally, pico projectors will enable a host of other interesting applications in the field of spatially augmented reality and projection mapping(more on this later).

However, in execution the device is merely a toy. At a whopping 6 Ansi Lumens the content is only easily visible in a pitch black room. Additionally, pico projectors have the difficulty of getting content into the device itself, resulting in long VGA cables. The MPro110 has a particularly faulty cable that won’t stay connected properly. Essentially, the device generating the content and projecting the content need to be integrated. A laptop without a display, or a display without a laptop is useless. 

Enter the pico projector cell phone. Computation + pico projector + wireless networking = possibilities. See more at engadget mobile.


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