High Performance Touch

September 25, 2012

This one is near and dear to us. If you ask anyone who has ever projected on moving objects, one of the biggest problems is latency. For example, if you project on a moving person, you will see a very noticeable and distracting lag. This problem isn’t just limited to projection, but it’s in many of our everyday electronics, including our mobile phones, cameras and even our beefy desk top computers (ask any experienced gamer if they notice when their weapons are slow to respond to mouse clicks in a first person shooter).

Researchers over in applied sciences at Microsoft used a low latency projector and a series of infrared sensors to simulate highly responsive touch input. If you look carefully, they are actually projecting over head instead of behind the touch screen. The results shown in the video are pretty awesome. I can’t help but imagine a projected digital tattoo that wont go away no matter how fast your move your arm. Look out for more details at the upcoming 2012 UIST conference in October.


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