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Scrim & Dance

November 5, 2009

There are some cool effects in here. Fairly simple with a dancer and a scrim.


Body Paint

June 18, 2009

Puma Lift Ad

March 25, 2009

From what I can tell this is a dance routine tightly choreographed to projected video content. An interesting experiment, although we seem to be a long way off from doing this accurately with motion tracking.


AntiVJ Origami

January 6, 2009

Crustea from AntiVJ has an awesome video demonstrating real-time mapping onto 3D objects. The demo is created with vvvv which will be profiled soon. The 3d mapping is camera based and vvvv is using OpenCV.


Projection Artists

January 6, 2009

Video Jockey

A video jockey (VJ), is a performance artist who composes and mixes video in real-time usually in tandem with music. VJs typically spin their wares at concerts, night-clubs and festivals and are thus highly focused on providing real-time entertainment value. VJ artists have traditionally used standard projection screens to showcase their talent. However, VJs are rapidly branching out into non-traditional display medium including transparent screens, 3D mapping and integration with other forms of lighting.

The following is a list of all the VJ artists doing video mapping that I could find. I will add more to this blog as I go.


AntiVJ is a European based collective of artists with a focus on projection and light. Their blog features a huge selection of projection based vj work. AntiVJ has worked with projection on volume, visual mapping, tracking and augmented reality, stereoscopy and holographic illusion. They have participated in a number of projection based installation pieces.

HC Gilje

HC Gilje is currently pursuing a three year fellowship at the National Academy of the Arts in Bergen (KHIB). He has developed a variety of interesting technical art pieces and production tools. His work on creating mechanical woodpeckers is particularly interesting.

He has created an interesting 3d projection mapping pieces utilizing 12 wooden boxes.

He has also released some tools to help with 3d projection mapping, created using Max/Msp and Jitter.

Pablo Valbuena


Till Nowak


Teemu Määttänen

Moving Brands

Luuk Meuffels