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ACDC Vs Iron Man 2 – Architectural Projection Mapping on Rochester Castle

October 21, 2010

Prague Astronomical Clock – 600th Anniversary Show

October 20, 2010

AntiVJ Strikes Again

March 18, 2010

Dear AntiVJ,

I Love You.


Facade Projection

July 30, 2009

Son et lumière

January 6, 2009

Son et lumière is a sound and light show that is usually presented in an outdoor venue of historical significance. This popular practice in Europe (particularly France) features projections onto historical monuments accompanied by narration and/or music.

Increasingly, 3D mapping techniques are being used in Son et lumière shows across Europe. Some examples are shown below:, described previously, is an excellent example of this medium.


LCI has 25 years of experience in doing shows and events for theme parks, promotions, openings and more. They have some pretty cool experience with water based shows.

Light Up Bristol

Light Up Bristol was a celebration featuring a number of digital artists projecting onto the Council House of Bristol.


AntiVJ, featured previously, is a collective of video jockey artists that use experimental display techonologies including projection mapping.