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Kimchi and Chips – VVVV Projection Mapping Tutorial

October 31, 2012

Kimchi and Chips have a great projection mapping tutorial with ReconstructMe + VVVV. Really great stuff going on over there.

We gets lots of requests for tutorials on projection mapping, so this is really great stuff. (I will add that this is one approach among many)


Bringing Toys To Life: Intel Labs OASIS Project

January 26, 2011

This is a cool video from research scientist Beverly Harrison and company working on the OASIS (Object-Aware Situated Interactive System) project at Intel Labs. They recently gave a demo of the project at CES this year featuring a Kinect style camera and projector.

Via RGBDVision:

“OASIS is a flexible software architecture that enables us to prototype applications that use depth cameras and underlying computer vision algorithms to recognize and track objects and gestures, combined with interactive projection. Here we show OASIS in an interactive Lego playing scenario.”


Call for Projection Mapping Companies

January 25, 2011

Update! We’ve compiled the list and launched a whole new website to connect event organizers with projection mapping firms. If you would like to be included then Register Your Company.

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new website for the projection mapping community, Projection Mapping Central. It is a free community resource for all things related to projection mapping. Projection Mapping Central is a compendium of information about projection mapping software, hardware, tutorials, design companies, festivals and more.

It is a place where advertisers and event organizers can find a firm to make their dreams a reality. It is a place where a beginner can figure out how to “map”, or an expert can keep up to date with the latest tools.

If you are an artist, programmer, advertiser or event organizer, welcome.


[Original Post]

We are frequently contacted by artists, marketing agencies, basketball teams and other random entities looking for projection mapping (spatial augmented reality) consulting. Unfortunately, as Ph.D. students we frequently don’t have the time to aid in artistic or commercial endeavors.

Therefore, we are compiling a list of consulting companies or individuals who are able to assist in projection mapping. We would like to hear from both artist and programmer types. We are particularly interested in people in the United States (which is where most of our requests come from). If you would like to be included in the list please comment on this post or send a private message to augmentedengineering A_T gmail D_O_T com.

Please include:
Organization name
Contact Information
Along with a brief description of who you are, what your organization does, how big your organization is, whom you would like to assist, previous work (include links), and anything else you think might be relevant.

We will be compiling a list and posting it when completed. If you would like to keep your information private just tell us.

We look forward to hearing from you.


01 Zentrale – Projection Mapping

November 13, 2010

Pretty cool projection mapping onto a circuit board. A much prettier version of object annotation and augmented reality maintenance applications.


Combining Multiple Depth Cameras and Projectors for Interactions On, Above, and Between Surfaces

October 22, 2010

Andy Wilson and Hrvoje Benko over at Microsoft Research are working on some cool interactive projection techniques that extend beyond a normal display surface. The project uses multiple depth sensing cameras and projectors which allow users to interact with virtual elements in mid-air. Users can pick up a virtual object and see it in their hand as they walk to another display surface to transfer the object.


Build Your World and Play In It

October 6, 2010

Update: “Build Your World and Play In It…” won Best Student Paper @ ISMAR 2010!

Next week we will be presenting our latest work at the IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR 2010) in Seoul, South Korea. ISMAR is the main augmented reality conference.

Novel display and interaction technology has enabled projecting digital content onto complex physical surfaces, freeing content from the confines of a limited, flat monitor display. These projection based interfaces are becoming increasingly feasible for use in ubiquitous display and interaction as projectors decrease in size, cost and power consumption. Everyday, passive objects can be transformed into interactive display surfaces through the use of novel projector-camera systems based on Spatial Augmented Reality. Walls, desks, foam core, clay models, wooden blocks, sand pits, among other materials, can be turned into interactive displays allowing for a new range of interaction possibilities. By acquiring a full 3D model of the display surface, we can interact directly with the world around us.


We present a novel way of interacting with everyday objects by representing content as interactive surface particles. Users can build their own physical world, map virtual content onto their physical construction and play directly with the surface using a stylus. A surface particle representation allows programmed content to be created independent of the display object and to be reused on many surfaces. We demonstrated this idea through a projector-camera system that acquires the object geometry and enables direct interaction through an IR tracked stylus. We present three motivating example applications, each displayed on three example surfaces. We discuss a set of interaction techniques that show possible avenues for structuring interaction on complicated everyday objects, such as Surface Adaptive GUIs for menu selection. Through an informal evaluation and interviews with end users, we demonstrate the potential of interacting with surface particles and identify improvements necessary to make this interaction practical on everyday surfaces.

For more details see the paper: pdf
Or ask!


Augmented Furniture

April 6, 2010

via Create Digital Motion